Sunday, November 23, 2008

Child Abducted

I am very sad and alarmed to bring you news up to date of a very serious abudction that is taking place as we speak... (read..)

Nicole Kidmans baby "sunday roast" is abducted.

TRAGEDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's a tradgedy (bom bom bom bom tish bom bom tish.. very serious national nine news alert music plays)

Sunday Roast has indeed been kidnapped. what a tragedy. traffic slowed to a hazy 55km/ph whilst they read breaking news reports that Sunday had indeed been kidnapped by a Suzuki Vitara. Serial Number: VSI056.

Well if its not Sunday Roast then I don't know who the hell it is. Who is that important enough to warrant an offical public announcement of a child abduction on a freeway?? these issues complexed and confused us from the drive home from Kensington on a weary saturday night.

Twas the eve of Laura's party,and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a cat with a stick from the outside land. We had brought said stick in from the outside as a prop for Laura's party, but because of high wind resistance and rising Public Transport reasons we drove the car in, instead.

Noone wants to hear about child abductions on the way home from a party.
What a way to kill a high.
Would they do that sort of announcement for just any old hick? or would celebrity babies be the only ones entitiled to that sort of instant behaviour.

Can you IMAGINE how embarrasing it would be to go to a Harry Potter dress up party and get a proper outfit from a costume hire shop and rock up with a beard and a star spangled wizard outfit... that would be uncomfortable.

..................... hope they find that kid.

Tell me if this would be weird or not: PUBLIC POLL

Do you think it would be weird to be followed around by one paparazzi person??.. just one person jumping out from behind bushes and garbage bins. do you think that person was a crazy stalker, just plain crazy, or an anonymous paparazzi photographer.

I think that's pretty weird.

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