Thursday, October 16, 2008

Seasonal Addictions

Every year around about this time, when the christmas decorations come out at the supermarket, another condiment is released, which starts me on a 3 month binge of epic proportions.

Chocolate Coated Peanuts

Do they exist at other times of the year?? beats me.... All's I know is as soon as the tinsel is in the aisles, they bring out the large jars of Cadburys Choc Coated Nuts (and sultanas - spew) and its on like Donkey Kong.

These jars of choc-nuts are about $9 a jar.. pretty exxy, but hey its christmas time, you're supposed to splash out right? What bothers me is that I am sooo addicted to these things that's its like I have to cram the other 9 months of the year when I don't eat any into one mass indulgence session.

Last night I spent $30 on choc-nuts.

In my area we have 3 supermarkets - which seems kinda excessive, but i'm not the mayor. Anywastage - I was walking around the aisles trying to sniff out the choc-nuts display.. because one crazy thing is that they are never in the chocolate aisle, as they are 'seasonal chocolates' they are usually stacked on an end display near the christmas decorations, so its always a hunt and discover mission when trying to get my fix.... but no matter that I looked at every aisle, I could find no nuts.... sadness.

I knew exactly where they were at the other two supermarkets, being a once a week jar buyer, but did I realllly want to go to a second supermarket? after walking around for 20 mins already? I decided I did not.. But then who am I kidding, everywhere I looked I was seeing choc-nut illusion stands, so I packed away that little voice saying "you have issues" and I walked to the next supermarket.

what a crackwhore.

I brought 3 jars "just in case" as that was a hairy situation not being able to find the jars at the last supermarket, I shudder to think what it will be like when they discontinue them for another season in January. That will be a sad day.

Till then though, I have about 4000 choc-nuts to keep me satisfied.. so I'll be fine till lunchtime.


Sarah said...

I dunno if you're just a peanut girl, but most years there are really nice chocolate-coated almonds (with a hard sugar shell between the chocolate and the almond, if I recall correctly) and chocolate-coated hazelnuts (with a crisp caramel coating between the hazelnut and the chocolate, by Lindt... it's hard enough to resist them before Christmas, but try holding back after Christmas when they're half-price... *drools*

Chole said...

I think Goobers are chocolate covered peanuts, might be a little lower quality but also might help your fix for cheap!