Wednesday, October 15, 2008

No Title Today

Generally, I detest tattoo's. I just can't see how you aren't waking up every morning going "jeez.. what a mistake..." However this is quite possibly the coolest tattoo I have ever seen.

Not that I would get it, but its something I can identify with. How awesome is connect the dots! I forgot the many hours of fun spent learning to count and connect. It's truly an achievement for abstract art and mathematics.

In other cool news, everyones lady humps are gonna be on display in a new type of airport scanner..awesome. That will if anything, finally give me a reason to shave my legs and wear nice underwear, because let's face it 'comfortable underwear' is hardly something i'd be doing an erotic pole dance in.


Kitty said...

au contraire! i have four tattoos and i heart them very hard!

i got my first one at 18 and now that i'm a tired old 34 year old ho bag, i love it more than the day i broke my parents hearts! i got three more through my 20s and i plan on getting more, it's just working up the bank balance that is holding me back. lately it's been a case of:

feed chil'rens v get inked....


i call them 'my tough stickers' cause man ALIVE does it huuuuuurt like a mofo!!


Sarah said...

I'm not a fan of tattoos at all, but that is quite possibly the most original idea for a tattoo I've seen... if she has kids, they probably think she is the coolest mum ever.

Mex said...

thats one of the coolest tatts ive ever seen and if that gets picked up by everyone and becomes the next 'cool' think i might just have to stab someone becuase that would be really sad.