Sunday, October 12, 2008

Meatosaurus 4 Life

I have a little secret to divulge, this past week I was a vegetarian.... for 6 days. I know! What gives? well i'll tell you.. recently I have been watching a lot of documentaries about animal cruelty, and abboitoirs, and feeling sick from it all. I love animals, and I just couldnt handle another piece of meat passing though my lips without feeling nausea.

I started this newfound vegetarianism at a friends wedding, lucky for me there was the option of fish to resort to. I liked it, "sorry can I swap with you? i'm a vegetarian.." Yeah, I felt high n mighty, save the planet, no more slaughter, i'm better than you.

Wow, noone told me how haaaaaaaaaaard it is to find interesting vegetarian meals to cook, I was going to be a no red-meat and poultry vego, so fish was on the menu still. Salmon x 2 nights... then a tuna bake... then what?? a fucking lettuce?? goddam, vegetarianism requires too much thinking and foresight at the supermarket.

Going out to restaurants was the worst, the world wants you to eat meat, the vegetarian menu was so bland and univiting, wow a plate of brown poo chickpeas, really doesnt compare to the juicy steak and chips and salad at my counterparts side of the table.

Meat is the methodone of the food chain. You just can't kick it, we are all meat junkies programmed to search and destroy life for our own selfish consumption, vegetarianism certainly requires a mental willpower that I unfortunately do not possess.

I would like to see in the future some Meat-Hab centres set up for people who like me, want to kick their meat habit, but find the lure of blood and gravy too strong to resist, a place where when it gets to dinner time and you're drooling with visuals of juicy lamb racks and bbq ribs a zapper machine gives you a zap and you happily eat the salad sitting in front of you instead.

It's just too hard, especially at lunchtime.. what on earth do you put on a sandwich other than ham and stuff? an avocado and tomato sandwich is just not right.

So i'm back on the red stuff. I tried, and i know if given the option i'll choose the most cruelty free meal, but its just a drug I can't kick.

Meat 4 Life

Until they can invent some kind of pill that gives you all you the dietry requirements needed for survival, i'm on the meat wagon.... but i'm not happy about it.


Michelle said...

i could never wean myself off meat either I don't think. But if you just halved the amount you ate, wouldn't that help a little? If everyone did the same that would make a massive difference.

Meh. It's the thought that counts! Chow down.

KittyMeow said...

I'm a wog - so me not eating meat - my parents would completely disown me without question. The solution? Buy free range or organic...considering how FUCKIN EXPENSIVE that shit is, you'll soon be cutting down on it I tell you that much. The only happy dead animal meat I can afford is Lilydale free range chicken. I get a shitload of organic veggies delivered to me fortnightly (look up some in Syders if you like) where I don't pick the veggies, they just give them to me. Its a good way to start gettin creative with going predominantly veggo and all the food is seasonal too.

So keep an eye out for the cruetly free stuff - it exists - its just not cheap :-D

Anonymous said...

Well, my parents are both wogs AND butchers and I'm a vegetarian. It's no reflection on them or their products or their lifestyles, it's just the way I choose to live my life. And they're fine with it. I love my parents. <3

For the record, there ARE actually a lot of really delicious vegetarian recipes out there, and they're not super expensive or difficult to make. Restaurants are just too fucking lazy to add them to their menus. Why? Because a lot of people eat meat. Supply and demand and all that shit.

Finally, if you're a vego that eats fish, you're really a pescetarian. I don't particularly give a shit about what term you use, but A LOT of people do and will argue semantics with you all night about it. Trust.

kiki said...

i hate it when vegetarians say they eat fish. how they can justify fish not being meat is beyond me

Rach said...

because you cant snuggle with a fish

( . )( . ) said...

oh i feel you sister, i have a stomach condition that means i cant eat red meat, gluten or diary.

Finding decent food is hard to come by. I found this gluten / dairy free chocolate and got so excited i think i peed a little bit. Mmmm chocolate....

Anonymous said...

Look in the supermarket for 'not meat' products. Vegetarian food made to resemble meat. Also marinated tofu and tempura. It's not just the animals that will thank you, your bowel will too.
As anonymous said, plenty of great vego food out there, try Thai, Malaysian, Indian and Vietnamese, they are mostly vego anyway, they only add the meat for Western tastes.
And seriously, if you're eating fish, it ain't that hard.

kiki said...

would you want to snuggle with a kangaroo?

Sarah said...

I would advise you to take with the proverbial pinch of salt the advice to try the 'not meat' products. Ugh ugh ugh. Whether you like meat or you don't, those things are just gross. That said, I agree that is plenty of other great vego food out there (although I agree vegetarian is a bit of a misnomer if you're eating fish, not that I think there's anything wrong with eating fish as long as it's sustainably fished). If you're still eating eggs, dairy and fish you've got plenty of options.