Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Just doin my part for the Recession

When in times of great financial hardship, the one thing you should do is keep the dollar going around, spend spend spend!!


I don't know??.. I was too busy thinking about how to beat this guy in Sonic the Hedgehog 2, rather than paying attention in my economics class.

So I guess the question is do I realllllllly need:

Sulphate free shampoo
A mini hair straightener
Pilate Pants
New Haviannas
Wrinkle decreasing nightcream
A new mobile phone

The answer is.. of course I do!

I can't be some dandruffy, frizzy haired, no pilate pants, scabby thong, wrinkly, old crappy phone using loser now can I ? That would be depressing, more depressing than a "recession depression"

And if anyone knows how to beat that mega boss let me know... 15 years on and he still taunts me.


Anonymous said...

Sonic is my fav game. Ever. I love it more than The Sims. And that is sayin' a bunch. The day my brother and I got a Mega Drive was the sweetest day of my life.

And since my nails get depressed from cheap nail polish, I totally needed the 10 Opi nail polishes I just ordered online. Recession smession.

Anonymous said...

He haunts me too :( After getting to him and failing miserably over and over again I accepted that you must need Super Sonic to beat him....since I absolutely suck at the special bonusey thingy rounds that you get the gems for completing and can then turn into Super Sonic with...I gave up. I'm a quitter...through and through.