Friday, October 03, 2008

Express Bus Rage

I catch PT. It's pretty dull. But then I sit my warm sense of smugness that my carbon footprint is likely to be half the size of all the jerks who drive past me and arrive at their destination half-an-hour before I do. Damn Bus.

However, the one saving grace that the Express Bus provides is when it whizzes past people at busstops that the express bus doesn't stop at, and I get to watch the rage form in the faces of these people who have most likely been waiting over an hour for something to pick them up.


You wave the bus down then it zooms past you, and you are not happy about that are you?! you scream and curse and wave your arms in the air. You are bewildered and angry and homicidal all at the same time. It's great.

There's nothing like watching someone completely lose their nut when you're going home from work, its therapeutic in a way.

You can beg and plead and bash on the door and call the driver a cunt all you want, but this bus aint letting you on! Sufffffferrrrrr

I'd like to be a busdriver who would drive around in the bus that never lets anyone on. You would sidle up to the passengers, make them think you're stopping then put your foot on the gas.

See ya later suckers!!!!

1 comment:

Epskee said...

Your sick.

And mean.

I like that.