Monday, October 27, 2008

Australia vs Hollywood

When I give up two and a half hours of my time, I expect to be entertained. When I pay $16 for a movie I expect to leave the cinema overjoyed at such a spellbinding experience. Often I find that australian films can be very hit and miss, I was very underwhelmed with 48 Shades, Clubland, yet nothing compares to the genius of The Castle, Razzle Dazzle, Muriels Wedding. Well that is until I watched West.

West is a great Australian film.

There was great character arcs, a compelling storyline, excellent writing and direction, and porno sex scenes. All in all, this film ticked all my boxes. Which is why I don't understand why it took me a year to even find this film. Did this film even get a proper cinema release? Or was it given the independent cinema run, and 6 days at a mainstream Hoyts? It's good to see that distributors really care about supporting the national product....not.

How can great movies like this pass by the movie spectrum of 95% of australian film-goers, yet we have movies like Burn after Reading rammed down our throats.

What a piece of crap. I don't understand how anyone can like this film. Not funny. Boring. I want my $16 back.

Is it just people jumping on the Coen bandwagon? what about the Daniel Krige bandwagon? I'd rather be on that.

Burn after Reading was smug filmmaking at its best, a dull script with 'star quality' actors. Had this film not had Brad Pitt being "zany" and George Clooney being George Clooney would half the people out there even seen this film??


I was more interested in watching Lenny try to figure out how to use the new kitty litter tray - (with cat-flap) and even though Lenny didn't really figure it out, and I ended up with shit on the carpet, I feel the exact same thing happened with Burn after Reading, I kept putting my head out there to try and figure out why people find this movie amusing, yet ended up in a shitty mood and wanting to punch the Coens.

West Forever
Burn after Reading Never

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*~Dani~* said...

I love the kitty litter analogy. Disappointing about Burn After Reading though. It looked like it might have some potential.