Thursday, October 23, 2008

Art for the Blind #2

I know things... and I know that blind people need me, they need me to do more art for the blind exhibitions, to awaken their senses, to finally understand what its like to walk into a gallery and stare at a canvas for 5 mins, as opposed to walking into the cleaning supply cupboard and staring at a mop..

Salvador Dali for the Blind:

Smells like: rusty clocks, sand, bark, salt water
Sounds like: mellllting!!!! i'm melllttttting!!!!! i'm a clock and i'm melting!!!!!
Background Ambience: waves crashing, clocks ticking, butter frying in a frying pan.

Edvard Munch for the Blind:

Smells like: boardwalk, tomatos, ocean breezes, garlic breath.
Sounds like: "ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH". People walking on planks, two people whispering "omg what is that baldy screaming about, he is like so bald, and screaming" "I know right! get a room screamy bald man"
Background Ambience: screaming

Andy Warhol for the Blind:

Smells like: soup.
Sounds like: "get ya soup here! who wants soup! get ya soup! different varieties of soup! we got beef soup, onion soup, hovering soup, neatly stacked soup!"
Background Ambience: tin cans clanging together

Michelangelo for the Blind:

Smells like:
grapes, naked dirty man, babies, rocks
Sounds like:
"ehhhhhn.... can't....reach... you" "ever heard of a robe?" "whatever, I might be naked and but at least i'm not on some floating cloud with some dudes and babies.."
Background Ambience:
angels singing, the sydney philharmonic orchestra


Bedazzler said...

I'd like to see your take on Tracey Emin for the blind. I don't actually mean Tracey Emin per se, although...being blind could be a good thing.

Anonymous said...

(damien hirsts'diamond head,jeff koonz,jean-michel basquiat,rothko...)rach,this is pure brilliance!