Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dr Drew I heart You

I rarely find greying old pepaws sexy, but Dr Drew.... you make me feel funny inside

Just looking at him is like a sneeze only better.

Granted he has gotten better looking with age, but you can tell from this pose that he's a cougar in the bedroom.

The best thing about getting it on with Dr Drew would be that he would be able to help diagnose your problems whilst wrapping you up in his old man guns. 2 Birds 1 Stone.

I wish I had an addiction so I could go for a visitation.

"Dr Drew, I am addicted to Dr Drew.. pls help"


Sarah said...

I read an interview with him in Playboy. He's one of those deranged men that think they can speak for all women. I'm not sure I understand the physical attraction either, but hey...

Bedazzler said...

Dr. Drew should be able to diagnose his own case of Gayface. A man who speaks for all women, for sure.