Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Black Hole

I'm kinda freakin out today. Why can't scientists just leave it alone?
I don't wanna be sucked into a black hole. Seriously, I could think of nothing worse than being shrunk down to the size of a coke can.

What is the incessant need to 'figure things out' that the human species inhabits? Trying to recreate the big bang seems kinda reckless to me. Specially when the worst possible outcome is a black hole/dark matter. We don't need that shit. Are these scientists massive stargate fans or what?

I'm very content with the universe as it is, blue skies, oxygen, plants, ocean. This is all I need to survive. I don't want to know any of the freaky shit that exists in the outer realms of space.

What if we create a black hole that sucks us into another dimension? and what if rather than being sucked into the sexy/rich alternate universe we are sucked into the chest-bursting shitty alien universe?

Gross. Nothing Worse.

The only thing worse than being sucked into chest-bursting alien universe, would be getting sucked into Mount Annan Universe and having to eat shitty thai food the rest of your life and live around a man-made pond within inches of your next door neighbour.

Leave it alone man!!!!!!!!!!

If the world implodes and this is my last post I have some confessions to get off my chest:

When I was a kid I found a Roger Rabbit figurine on the plane and stole it, even though I knew a little kid was looking for it.

One time our school went on an excursion to the Aquarium and I stole a starfish out of the tank... I hid it in my underpants and it died.

I used to sing songs about Sonic the Hedgehog when I was in Mass at my catholic girls school, because I thought the hymns were stupid.

phew. Ok I can be sucked into oblivion now. see ya on the other side.


Plank said...

The only thing you should worry about shrinking down is your brain..haha wait too late

unique_stephen said...

On the good side - all those chick that blog about being fat will get shrunk down into an infinitesimally small dot and have nothing to worry about.

Bedazzler said...

I like reading about Hadrons. Especially if there are pictures.