Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Aluminium Hand Man, the forgotten X-Men

Stryker is hard at work in the lab, he asks the inept intern 'steve' to ready the adamantium to graft to the bones of his latest test subject. Unfortunately 'steve' being a total moron that he is, he accidentally grafts aluminium to the subject and we are left with the sad sad case of 'Aluminium Hands Man'.

Poor Aluminium Hands Man, he would be the worst X-Men ever. What good is he? for one he can't walk through the evil lair staff kitchen without people harrassing him to wrap their sandwiches and cover their roasts. What good is it to have the ability to shoot aluminium foil from in between your fingers. You're Fired Steve!!!!

Lucky for Aluminium Hands Man, is that he can always spark up a crack inhaling session. That's pretty much all he can find solace in these days.

I hope to see a story like this one in the upcoming Wolverine Movie...

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Bedazzler said...

You've lost me. Are you talking about a Jeff Stryker dildo?