Monday, August 18, 2008


Ate half a cheesewheel before bed... had dreams involving the following two items:

(Michael Vartan)


= Passionvarton

Wtf is with that Penguin who was Knighted? what did it do? catch the fish that tried to kill the Queen? At least he remembered to wear a tux.

And while were at it, who was the moron who cast Selma Blair as 'Kim' Kath n Kim ?? Considering that Kim is awkward/overweight, not a rake thin supermodel, hence where the comedy comes from when she is in her slapper clothing.... even though Selma Blair did put on weight for this role, she is still skinnier than the rest of us after having our wisdom teeth removed and unable to eat from the exposed bone coming though the gums, and getting diareah at the same time.

I find this strangely attractive.

And in more personal news, I am not drinking (for 2 weeks) as whilst I was cutting up the dancefloor on Friday Night I decided my new move would be to 'noogie' the 20 year old standing next to me. He did think it was pretty original though, and said we should go on So You Think You Can Dance together. I am down with that. I can bring my new genre of dance to the screen: The Drunken Crows Nest Hotel Bop


( . )( . ) said...

Your a strange lass. The noogie could be the next dance move, the noogie boogie. All the crazy kids will be doing it!

wee-h said...

Can we have more Vartan pics please. Plus how come i missed him? Have i been living in a cave?

Bedazzler said...

I farted out a wet PassionVartan earlier.

surfercam said...

Love the new header!