Wednesday, August 27, 2008

the what is worse game

sometimes when making decisions in life you realllly need to weigh up the odds, take a side, make some serious brain gravy.

so when i'm trying really hard to make important life-changing decisions I play the 'what is worse' game to take the edge off.


Smelling the glove of a plumber after he has de-clogged a really hairy drain (my drain) OR smelling the crotch of a marathon runner after running the marathon on a really long day, with high humidity.

Licking a few-day-old roadkill OR pashing a crusty old grandma in a retirement home who smells like wee.

Having your asshole sewn shut OR having your lips removed with a scalpel and no anesthetic?

ahh so many disgusting things in the world to put things in perspective

I'd personally be a crotch sniffing, roadkill lickin, no asshole havin mofo.


epskee said...

Best. Game. Evah.

Jo said...

One day I'll tell you about the time I had my arsehole sewn shut.
But not today.
We'd need beer and a whiteboard.

kiki said...

i'd get my lips scalpelled off

i get off on pain