Friday, August 22, 2008

Jeff Conway Forever

Whatever happened to Kenicky?

oh you know the usual.... being a hollywood has-been fuck up.

On Foxtel at the moment, the greatest show. ever. is on right now. CELEBRITY REHAB. a show which totally reaffirms the belief that Celebrities are spoiled brats with major issues.

Jeff Conway, aka: Kenicky has... problems. Regardless of these drug-induced seizures he goes through daily, the best part of seeing Kenicky in the chokey is that he's a stand-up guy, even when he's bent over a wastepaper bin yakkin his guts up he still finds the time to say hello

"Belghhhhhhh BRAHHHH Bleghhhh yeah hows it goin BrAGHHH Bleghhh"

I have to wonder where the hell is Kenicky getting his exxy rehab money from, because really.. how many residuals is that guy getting??

Jeff Conway Forever xx


dot said...

why do people in rehab always end up hugging pillows?

Jo said...

He's not in it for the money. He's playin' for pinks.

Steph said...

What in the fuck? I missed this? It's been on already??? This is the ultimate in trash tv. LOVE this shit.

Anonymous said...

i used to masturbate over Kenicky in Grease.Hot.

Mike from Adelaide said...

Babylon 5 residuals perhaps?