Saturday, August 23, 2008


Why don't famous people put their fame to some good anymore?

Where are the John Lennon's of the world?

Celebrities are as stalked if not more stalked than they used to be, for crying out loud Britney Spears is on every celebrity blog every single day, and she does nothing!! same goes with Lindsay Lohan. If they are put in the spotlight for retarded reasons everyday why cant they use that free press to get a message across.

Everyone's gotten so lazy. There are still so many inequalities in the world but noone gives a shit. What about the war in Georgia? does anyone care? What about the war in Iraq, that's still going and I blame it personally for the increase in fees at my supermarket, for my raise in rent, and the overall crappiness of the economic climate around the world right now.

Sure there's no Vietnam for us all to get behind, and the music scene of the day hardly holds a flame to the genius set loose on the world in the 70's, but don't people care anymore? I would march in a parade. I would burn a flag. I would hold a poster and starve myself for a cause. If only I could be moved enough by someone with passion to tell me get off my ass and care about something because it's really fucking important.

I care. I'm just to lazy to care.

When are they going to release Chapter 27?

I guess what i'm saying is that if the musicians and radical activists of the time can band together to get John Sinclair released from maximum security prison, then why can't the people with an unlimited audience do something worthwhile, hey Damian Echols is still rotting in prison. He needs you.

Where are the radical activists?? or is that what the comediennes of the day are? watered down political activists? hey I said the word nigger! risque.

I dont wanna be at war anymore
I dont wanna live in a world dominated by one nation
I dont wanna have to worry about my carbon footprint everytime I take a shower
I dont wanna hear about petrol prices everyday
I dont wanna worry about the earth dying before our kids get a chance to play on it.
I dont wanna give money to kids dying in other countries when we can't stop our own kids from dying, yeah the Aboriginals have it fucking tough. Are they any better off than the poor babies in Uganda? I think not worldvision I think not.

I wanna be part of something that does something about it.

But I won't install a low-flow shower-head. fuck no to that.

But I would like to do something.


Anonymous said...

yoga and new age self-help is only bringing the focus inward and making us lazy,reality accepting assholes...we are being told every day that we are incapable of helping.We are being brainwashed,victimised and belittled.
I would say,lets everybody get high,only these days,people dont do anything except fiddle with their play stations all day instaed of thinking of ways to peace make.
We are destroying ourselves and our world because that is the only way to create new.
It's going to take one hell of a new Jesus or peace-making Hitler to make us stand up and make a change...
I hope Obama gets in.
I hope someone shoots the guy that shot John Lennon.
I hope people stop feeling guilty.
I hope people stop feeling incapable.
i hope people stop feeling shameful.
I hope we start seeing the sun rise.I hope we start realising how fucking good Prince is.I hope we start to stop paying attention Britney Spears.I hope we wake up and smell the slave-free coffee.I hope we wake up and to see how fucked up the world is and not try to deny it or feel depressed by it.There is only one life.One life.
One Life.
I hope we grow our beards.I hope we stand up to what is not just.I hope we feel brave enough to bless strangers when they sneeze.

Anonymous said...

fuck you,hippy!
you missed the point of Rachels blog.

Anonymous said...


Bedazzler said...

Hey Lindsay Lohan does something!

She eats the cat!

And also, she's a fashion designer!

You should see her range of leggings with the padding on the to reduce your carbon knee-print- and also Great for giving head in alley ways!

Anonymous said...

shut the fuck up about lindsay lohan.

Bedazzler said...

lindsay lohan.lindsay lohan.lindsay lohan.
Lindsay LOHAN!