Monday, July 21, 2008

ZING BAM SMACK! Everyone's gonna hate me after reading this

I just want to clear something up on the offset before I begin. I Love(d) Heath Ledger. So many great performances, I broke down in tears for a week after he died, in supermarkets, on public transport, everywhere, and I'd never even met the guy! So for the past 7 months I have had BATMAN circled in my calender because I was sure nothing was going to top seeing this movie in 2008.

....... AVERAGE!!!!!!!

I realise I am probably in a league of my own right now, but I was seriously disappointed. I dont know what I was expecting but it certainly didnt deliver.

For one, everyone's been going on about Heath's performance being the sickest thing ever, saying he's going to get an Oscar, and noone's even seen the film yet. So you can understand why I had pretty high expectations.

The Joker's storyline was a B storyline. He is the catalyst for change. The A story is Harvey Dent played by Aaron Eckart. HE is the sickest thing in this movie, and to see him overlooked for "wank wank oscar nods" makes the oscars seem fucking superfluous, why not just get a friggen award called "the pity award" and get it over with. I th0ught Heath was pretty middle of the road, he was certainly no stand out in the group of actors he was ensembled with.

Sentimental Hype ruined this movie for me. I thought I'd walk out of there speechless at Heath's performance. Batman delivered on the 'summer blockbuster' angle, it's got action, love, gore.. but at the end of the day, its just a blockbuster action film. And now it's the number one film of all time. wtf??

better than The Godfather?
better than Zodiac?
better than The Shawshank Redemption?

hey these movies might not be your bag either, but they can stand the test of time as great movies that will appeal to movie going audiences for the next 100 years. What sort of lifespan does a shlocky action movie have? once the tears have dried and we can move on from Heath's tragedy, what does this movie really leave behind in it's legacy?


Biggest Opening Weekend ever.

Good on em, but don't go calling a movie the greatest movie ever made just because a key cast member tragically died.


Mick said...

Rach! There is much more to this movie than just an 'Action Blockbuster'

Ignore the hype and the box office and see this movie from a different level.

Batman is a dark superhero. He stands for the people. The Joker is chaos and always has thrown Batman off kilter.

The reason this movie is so good is because it is MORE than just an action movie.

Ignore the performance from Ledger. He was good, but you're right. The other performances were just as good if not better than Heath. I thought Bale was so much better as Batman this time, and Eckhardt was awesome.

I think you're being a little cynical about the hype to this movie. People like to have something to cling on to when someone famous dies. This will be Ledgers legacy.

kiki said...

i'm with you rach
i saw the first of these new batman's just the other week and it was terrible

christian bale can't act.

unique_stephen said...

I probably wont get to see Batman, we just dont get out to see movies.

I agree, Shawshank is the best movie I have seen.

R said...

sadly i have to agree with you rach. This was one over hyped movie and as such left me feeling distinctly underwhelmed. Heath was good as was Christian Bale. Aaron Eckhart was great. Very sad about the end. Maggie Gyllenhall = worst thing about any movie she is in.

Rach said...

katie holmes should have done this movie, if for any other reason that it would have been great to see her be blown the fuck up.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of tragic deaths, and waaaay cuter, Brandon Lee in THE CROW, that was tragic, capital T!! Accidentally shot???? TRAGIC

Bedazzler said...

The poster is fucking brilliant though.