Wednesday, July 09, 2008

you know how some girls loooove flowers being sent to their work.

I am not one of those people.

My desk is hardly big enough for my computer, let alone a giant flower display.

Mostly though, I don't like having to shlepp said flowers home on public transport. You ever tried to shlepp home a small forest on the bus?? and hold onto the pole so you don't do a faceplant with said flowers?? impossible. The worst flower culprit to try and shlepp home on public transport are those stupid "roses only" boxes. They are so awkward.

Do guys not realise the effort that goes into shlepping home these things far outweighs the delight in receiving flowers in the first place. I love flowers. I just hate fighting with public transport and a flowerbunch the size of a small child on the way home. Why can't you just bring the flowers home yourself and surprise me there? same amount of joy! less shitfight.

Furthermore now I have to watch them dying slowly on the ground all day until I go home.

Coming up next: More birthday ungratefulness



unique_stephen said...

Flowers being the reproductive organs of the plant....

Nothing says I love you as much as handing someone a bunch of severed gonads.

Rach said...


great perspective

"here have some ovaries...."

Anonymous said...

I'm with you. I do like flowers, but they really are a bastard to get home.

I always get miffed that it's so bloody EFFORTLESS to send flowers. I want effort. I want blood, sweat and tears to tell me you are sorry/wish me happy birthday/congratulate me.

I'll go back to being generally amused/fucked off with the world.

PS: love the blog.

Jo said...

Sarah said...

Happy birthday. I won't send flowers :)

unique_stephen said...

say it with flowers
send her a triffid