Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Warm Hand Wash.. God's Wrath.

What the fuck is up with clothes that are "Warm Hand Wash"... are we living in Biblical times?? sorry, no, I don't have time to walk down to the rock crevasse on the side of a volcano to wash things...

Furthermore, do washing machine engineers even know how to properly set up your washing machine to do a warm hand wash cycle properly?? all signs point to No.

and when I say signs.. I mean my teeny tiny jumpers.

Granted this only happens to me when I buy: ZIMMERMAN brand woolly items, but every single cardigan that I buy from that manufacturer ends up the size of barbie clothes.

Great. I really love clothes that accentuate my freakishly long orangutan arms. Stupid long limbs.

I think my washing machine hates me, why why why does it ruin all my clothes?? This truly is god's curse for leaving the Garden of Eden. How much easier would it have been to just wash those genital-leaves?? just pick a new one and you're off.. too easy.

Yep, Warm Hand Wash is god's way of punishing us. I bet the washing machines out in Baulkham Hills work perfectly, with little tiny god hands to do the handwashing part for realz.


Matt said...

I don't think I have handwashed anything in my life (except camping when I actually did some washing on the shore once - alas no volcano for warmth). Everything that calls for handwashing and we significantly care about is popped in a bra bag.

squib said...

I'm addicted to these insanely expensive silk wrap things. Not only do they tell you that you should handwash them but that you should also add a bit of shampoo/conditioner to the water because silk is like hair

Therefore I've never washed them but that's OK cos I hardly ever wear them because they're too nice to wear

Sarah said...

Haha it *is* a curse. When I have a cardigan that says 'warm hand wash' (or any kind of hand wash) I start out with good intentions to do the right thing and not risk its wellbeing and size... But then it winds up sitting in the laundry basket for 3 months before finally getting tossed into the washing machine. Honestly, I think it's a cop-out by designers who make shit clothes that can't last past a wash or two.