Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday Press Release

From Whence the Stench Comes.
I have come to the conclusion that my house is haunted. Why you ask? well, what is the one sure sign of a haunting that weirdo's who claim their house is haunted go on about? strange smells. My kitchen is haunted. About 4 nights ago I cooked a salmon. Now 5 days later and my kitchen and entrance hall still smell like fish? what gives? we ate the fish. We threw away the parts of the fish that were garbage. We washed our plates. Where the fuck is this fish smell coming from?!!!??! It's doing my head in to say the least?

There is something unnerving about standing around in your kitchen for hours and hours sniffing cupboard handles, sniffing salt and pepper shakers, sniffing anything and everything trying to figure out from whence the stench is coming. I still don't know. If I don't find it soon, I think we're gonna have to move. Rent Increase, combined with mysterious haunting fish stench = me no live here anymore.

Don't throw my Dandruff away
Over a 'civilised' dinner last night, the topic of these day spas that offer a service of fish to eat away your dead skin was brought up. And then you're like "why do we even need dead skin anyway?" then some genius says "well what if you had a friend who reallly wanted to be an astronaught and fly into space but had to pretend to be you with your dead skin flakes?.. yeah well then that dead skin is bound to come in super handy isnt it?"

Gattaca. Great Movie. Can someone start a 'fan of gattaca' facebook group please?
" I never saved anything for the swim back"
Ahh Ethan Hawke you used to be so cool.

That moment when you realise that you are in love
You know when you're having a conversation and then you talk about someone for about 30 mins straight, and then it dawns on you that you looooove them? I had two lightbulb moments last night:

I heart Henry Rollins
I could only go on about that "the ruts" story for so long before I had to stop and think. I love you? who knew? He is pretty cool though.

I heart Ewan & Charley

The Long Way Down is the best show on TV. Who knew Ethiopia was a lush green country with a stunning landscape of cliffs, fog at high altitude and grass? those fricken worldvision ads have skewed our minds to think of Africa as a big dirty dustbowl. Thanks to Ewan & Charley I know better. Plus everytime I watch this show I want to adopt a kid.


Saturday sure was enlightening.


unique_stephen said...

I had never heard of the little cleaning fish thing.
I have had my face nibbled by cleaner rass whilst diving (odd feeling to have your eyebrows chewed by little fish). Lets hope they don't use Candiru or these

Rach said...

omg if i was at a dayspa and they put me in a tank with those things, i'd be asking for a full refund!!

and maybe some compensation.

"why yes, I did have a need for my vulva... thanks for asking"

Helen said...

Ewan and Charley are cool, but I find every time I watch that (I got the DVDs a while back) I want to buy a bike and go exploring. I was just sad that they didn't show a little bit more of each country, Africa really is the most ebautiful place on earth (yes, I'm biased). One of my favourite places on earth is the coast along the western side of South africa (Namaqualand, the Richtersveld) and I felt a little bit cheated that they showed a few seconds of Clanwilliam Dam and then cape Town...

Although I guess after Namibia and Botswana it might not be so extraordinary...

( . )( . ) said...

I love Henry Rollins also. The guy is amazing. His words touch my special places!