Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Stealing Thoughts

I am stealing this brilliant idea from Sarah of "Apathetic Youth" regarding stupid lameass books that are a waaaaaaaste of time.

First up, the gheyest book in existence

one word: KINDLING

arghhhh this book is sooooooooo stupid. Stupid and Annoying and did I say Stupid??!! When I first came across this book it was the 'trendy' book, much like the Da Vinci Code of the 2000's... WTF? Were they trying to write the next Indiana Jones or the missing chapter from the bible?? hated it. Ooh things happen because its all coincidence and part of a plan. how about take fucking responsibility for your life rather than leave things up to 'chance', stupid hippies.

But I didn't hate it as much as this:

I really really really hate this book. I got this book when I was in year 2 or 3, our class went on an excursion to a 'book fair', and being the lover of books at that young age, it was equivalent to going to the Easter Show, because you would go to a stall and get a 'bookbag' with a couple of books of a particular author/genre for a few dollars... Exciting!!!! I wandered around for hours looking at the different books and being enchanted by everything I saw, I was so overwhelmed with excitement that I forgot to buy anything!!!!!!!! Then when the teacher rounded us up I was so distraught at not getting anything I went to the nearest book vendor and brought their book-bag and this was the only thing in it.

What a DISAPPOINTMENT!!!!!!!!!

When I think about the Paul Jennings and RL Stine books that I passed up for this stupid piece of shit, I still get riled up about it.

It was just boring, no fantastic imagery, and being an animal lover, I cared not for the storyline of a gang of thug cats out to kill mice all day long.

It is my one regret, and should I ever see this stupid book again in my lifetime I will buy it just so I can rip it into a million pieces.

Boo you Mouse Butcher. Boo You. FYI if you are writing books for kids having the words "butcher" in the title, probably isn't the greatest idea.

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Sarah said...

Hehe I used to love Dick King-Smith books when I was a kid... I don't remember if I read that one though.

'Kindling'. LOL. What a great idea.