Sunday, July 06, 2008

Ruining a Good Thing

Pirates of the Carribean III

90 seconds in....

.........So.. Keira Knightly sings in this movie


Sydney Opera House
Scene: Don Giovanni.. Mozarts Masterpiece, sung in Italian with surtitles (that we can't see)
We are getting seated for the beginning of ACT II, when I hear from behind me
Supercunt: "AY! get your arm off the rail!"
Me: "sorry??"
Supercunt: "Thank you soooo much!! Get your arm off the rail! You're blocking 20% of the stage!!..Bitch.."
Now, had supercunt asked me to move my arm, (that I didnt even realise was leaning on the rail) with an once of politeness I would have moved it immedately. I am not jerk. But considering he was beyond rude I did the only thing I could do in the Sydney Opera House.
I flipped him the bird whilst leaning my arm on the rail.
Hey? How's the stage now jerk? are you getting a better viewing percentage through the space surrounding my middle finger??
We left before the curtains dropped as I didnt think having a brawl and telling someone to "die of aids you fucking homo" would go down well in the most prestigious of cultural icons.
Next Time: Flipping the Bird in the Houses of Parliament.

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Sarah said...

Ha. Fantastic.