Monday, July 14, 2008

Pedo Legs

You know how sometimes you don't shave and you're like "man my legs are scary!! scarily hairy"

well I have the perfect description of just how scary my legs are right now.

They are so hairy and scary, they remind me of what I imagine the Pedophile from Family Guy's legs would look like:

Imagine: White. Skinny. With light brown looooong hairs just blowing in the wind.

I swear if it was halloweeen I could go trick or treating with a 3/4 length burka, with just my legs from the knees down on display and I would scare the shit out of everyone I came into contact with.


unique_stephen said...

I can cope with armpit hair on chicks but leg hair is against my religion

Rach said...

armpit hair noooooooooo!!!!!!!!

I shave my armpits all the time, I guess its just easier than the 14 hours of bending and stretching to do the legs

damn long appendages.

Sarah said...

I didn't think hairy legs could gross me out, but visualising what the hairs on dirty old Herb's legs look like really made me quite queasy. Surely yours couldn't be *that* bad!