Tuesday, July 29, 2008

OH&S: Nits

If there is one thing in this world that makes my skin crawl it's Nits.

One OH&S issue I have at my job is the possible contamination of nits from a schoolchild. You can't trust kids. What are they good for? they spend all your money, they complain about everything, then they come home from the schoolyard all covered in Nits and pass them onto the unsuspecting non-nit-head.

I remember one time when I had nits as a kid. Not Happy. The guy who gave then to me, his name was Tim. Whenever I meet someone called Tim a small part of me goes "fuck off nithead" . I don't want no nits. I am especially paranoid about nits because, as I said, I come into daily contact with a school child who we all know carry the cooties virus like nothing else.

If I was to catch nits as an adult. I don't know what I'd do.. I'd prob go into hiding for about 6 weeks. And put a hit on whomever gave me said nits. It doesn't fill me with confidence that whenever you hear mums talking about nits these days they go on about "supernits" and "nits that are immune to nit control" well thats just great.

So everyday I stand in front of the mirror at work, on my daily lunchbreak "nithunt" searching for nits, then when I see something white and small I freak out a bit, then realise its just dandruff and don't know what to feel cos whilst noone should be happy to have dandruff, its marginally better than nits. Marginally.

Makes me itchy just thinking about it.

And how fucked up is this person:

Eyelash Nits

Come on people!! what the fuck is wrong with you.... how can you not realise a colony of nits have moved into your eyelashes?? Disgusting.

I'm gonna start wearing an airtight astronaut suit to work.

Nits Everywhere.

*scratch scratch scratch*


D'Jen said...

I work with kids and yes, they are absolutely the dirtiest beasts ever! You are right to dislike them.

The eyelash nits picture is so, so wrong. I can't imagine how freakin' itchy it would be plus, I don't imagine anyone wants to be friends with someone who has eyelash nits. Ew!!

Epskee said...



Kids are dirty horrid little things. Boys are worse - so gross! Nits is the reason I keep my son's head shaved, #1 all over. Lets see those itchy buggers get a hold of that! No hitching a free ride home to my lush locks, no siree bob!

Being Brazen said...

Ewww...Im freaked out and checking my hair now - for no reason at all...reading your post made me paranoid..*nervous laughter*

Helen said...

I just ran to the bathroom and did a check... all clear...
How do you get rid of eyelash nits? It's not like you can shampoo there or anything...

unique_stephen said...

I feel sick looking at that

word verification: "ynjtz" I kid you not

mmonk said...

ewww... worse than stds.

( . )( . ) said...

I had nits once so bad in year 7, that nit shampoo wouldnt get rid of them. My best friend was a grotty cunt who never washed and hence forth I kept getting rid of them and getting them back.

It was the end of year 7, and the final straw for my mother, so she shaved me bald. Yes. I went to high school 2 months later a girl, with half an inch of hair over my whole head.

Fucking mole.

Anonymous said...

I've never had nits, weeeeee for me! anyways, what the fucken fuck with that picture, arghhhhhhhh the skin on my cheeks went cold, i'm so freaked out, /me pukes on dying_star

Jules said...

Oh my fucken god.

Not much makes my skin crawl. That fucken did.