Monday, July 21, 2008

Just doing a bit of light reading

.............and when I say light reading, I mean finnnnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllly getting some rays on my labia.

Now you can get smarter, AND get a clit-tan. Claire Danes is a pioneer!!!!!!! She is like that black lady who they wouldnt let ride on the front of the bus. This is exactly like that.
More people should read like this.. i know the next time I open a book on Public Transport this is the stance I will be in.
"what??"you got a problem with this?"
This is freedom bitches.

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Kitty said...

i totally sunbake like this and have done for many a year! nothing worse than deep golden tanned thighs making way for a bald vadge with a british tan!!! hohoho! unsurprisingly, nobody has ever complained....and i've picked up a lot of trade whilst at the beach. :o)