Thursday, July 03, 2008

Its HOT GINGE!!! don't make me punch you

I really really really hate the constant stick that redheads get.. Especially since the advent of 'Summer Heights High' and the term "ranga"..

"Ranga" is such a racist slur, it really pains me to hear obnoxious 14 year olds on the bus being mean to each other and not letting one kid sit with them cos he's a gingernut...

Redheads are Hot. Always have been. My childhood was spent watching Sexy Redhead TV Mums, the symbol of matriarchy, sexiness and wit.






And if you think you can get away with using Ranga as a racial slur much longer, I dont think so, being a redhead is the way of the future.. just look at Prince Hot Ginge

Phwoarrrrrrrrrr.. I'd hit it. I'd hit a million times. Keep that Royal Bloodline flowing. So if we as a nation of "People Against the Slander of Redheads" get together to bone Hot Prince Ginge, then we can save a nation of boring hair-coloured people and get racism back on track where it should be: paying out on asian drivers and indian call centres.


Anonymous said...

I'd totally let him stick the tip in...

Anonymous said...

"You're thinking about Mick Hucknall?"
"In a sexual way?"
"You would willingly have sex with him?"
"Do you want ginger children?"
"I would sacrifice my social status to have sex with him, yes."

oestrebunny said...

I love red hair. Love it. I would kill for red hair in fact.

( . )( . ) said...

I dont know if I agree that its racist, but it is definately derogatory. I admit to using the term ranga, especially at work we have two red heads, but now the term is

FP 1 and FP 2 (fanta pants)

I have to admit though, I have a thing for red head boys, and I currently have a mega crush on a guy with hair like fire. Mmmmmmm tasty..

Sarah said...

I have a thing for red hair, but I think the term 'ranga' is pretty funny, too. Redheaded kids are tres cute too... except Prince Harry- you can have him.

Bonnie said...

Prince Harry is def a hot ranga. I dont care for his bro though.

Ranga is one of the funniest words ever. I love it!

I'm Shella said...

Here's a song for you.....

My daddy is a redhead
My daddy got freckles

I got the mofo fuzz
No got the fire
No got the freckles

My hubba is a redhead
My hubba got freckles

It's gonna double in my blood
When my baby boils

What's my baby gonna do?
oooh oohh oohh

I made that up (no really, could you tell?)