Wednesday, July 16, 2008

"googling it"

does anyone else ever stop to think that the phrase "google it" is really weird, and very 2004 onwards specific.

Imagine getting into a time machine and going back to 1992 and walking around going:

1992 hammerpants wearing loser: "hey you know that band? arrrgn! who was that lead singer?!"
2008 timetraveler in Nirvana shirt trying desperately hard to be cool and cutting edge "google it"


Google It ??

Come Again?

Think what imagery would go along with the brain of a person not yet lived in the techno-age of 2004 onwards.. "googling it" seems to me like you would stick your hand into a giant eyeball and pull out a piece of paper with the answers magically written on it. Seems gooey and slimy and not at all enjoyable or easy... where does one come across this magic eyeball that knows all one might ask?

I also think to a 1992 person "blogging" sounds like something you do in the woods when you have really bad diarrhea. "just gonna go blog about this"... really? you're gonna go do shit in the woods and wipe yourself on plants? go for it man

2008 is weird.


unique_stephen said...

Google comes from the word googol which is 10 to the power of 1000

Mex said...

hello. not only are you unique but also a nerd.

Rach said...

wow. 10 x 1000 eyeballs

that would be like........

one freaking massive eyeball

unique_stephen said...

Me - a nerd, hmm lets see -
Was in a computer club at school - check

played DnD as a kid - check

Shy geek that never had a GF - cross - but I am a kinky perv who did heaps of nude modeling so that's probably half a mark

Went to uni to do Astronomy - check

Double major and hons in science and spent 7 years doing a three year degree so I coudl do more science subjects- check

Worked as a biochemist, geologist and environmental scientist - check, cheque and check.

Taught myself to program - check

Moved into IT as a web and database programmer - check, or rather cheque

Played DnD as an Adult - check (I play a cool elf that's shit hot at archery - I read the appendix to LOTR to translate cool name into the elven language)

Listens to radio national - check (I have 80 gig worth of 'the science show' on my iPod, no music tho')

Keeps up with the cutting edge by reading science journals such as nature - check

Posts about quarks and neutrinos on my blog - check

Looks like I'm guilty as charged

unique_stephen said...

oh - and I forgot to add - nobody describes googol better than my favourite scientist

( . )( . ) said...

What is happening here. Comments gone awry.

I have never thought much about the phrase google it. Although, I wonder if it is a universal word, or if it translates.

Doll Face said...

one of my friends works at yahoo, everyone in her work place 'YaOogles' its tickles my funny bone.

Doll Face said...

i forgot the H oops Yahoogle...