Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Does this come with......

I've been looking at lots of properties to buy these last few weeks, and unless it has good photos, i'm not even going to an inspection...... I mean, this is pretty much your strongest tool to getting potential buyers in the door, you have to wonder what the hell some people are thinking when they put up their 'crackhouse' photos to entice buyers...

However, crackhouse jokes aside these are my absolute favourite "property photos" to engage the willing buyer

I Can Has Cat?

Haaaaa... At least now I know exactly what Lenny would look like perched on the windowsill in this daintily decorated room (I can tell the cat isn't impressed about being whored out as an 'atmosphere' prop, you can tell from its ear-stance, and I also wouldn't be too happy with that flab overhang being exposed for the world to see)

This one is the best......

I Can Has Kid

riiiiiiiiight........ WTF!!!! Does this kid come with the place or what? If so i'm buyin! no stupid painful childbirth for me.. will I get the baby-bonus though?? i'll just strike a deal with the kid to bleed on it for a few hours, then we can split the money and go buy some plasma tv's.. I would hope that if the kid is included its like a house-elf, (Dobby Style), except not, because I dont want no S.P.E.W (Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare) coming into my house and taking my slave-elf away from me, insisting that I give it my old socks to wear around... Damn those Elf Unions.. ruining everything.

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Bonnie said...


I work in real estate and am appalled at some of the pics agents put up on websites. Sinks overflowing with dishes, grass uncut etc.

But none as funny as the kid in the pic.

WTF are they thinking?