Friday, July 25, 2008

Assume Nothing

one last thing that is stupid about weddings..... aside from the total head-fuck that is organising a wedding, is the lingering annoyance that will pervade me for the rest of my life.

People assuming that I changed my name.

Why would I change my name? I have a name. I like my name. No it has nothing to do with wanting to hold onto it for sentimental family reasons, they're all a bunch of psychotic irrelevances.

But this is my name. My name that appears on everything I have ever done, written, graduated. Why should I change it? I love my husband, keeping my name doesn't mean I love him any less.

I gotta start taking a stance, when I receive invites in the mail addressed to Mrs Rachel Blah Blah.. I'll wait till they call me and say "no I never received it.. a letter came for a Mrs Rachel Blah Blah but I have no idea who that is because my name is Rachel B*****"

But i'd still like to come to your party.


KittyMeow said...

I wholeheartedly agree! What a pain in the ass it would be to change your name! And for what? Some archaic (and stupid) tradition. Pah!

Mick said...

I agree with you in principal, but from a male point of view just hear me out.

Men are just starting to get used to the fact that their wives are not taking their names.

It's not something that all guys would agree with because it has been a tradition for so long.

Some guys would be insecure with the fact that their 'other half' doesn't want their name.

So instead of Mr and Mrs xxxx, it's Mr xx and Mrs xxx.

Doesn't quite have the same ring to it.

Having said that, my first wife took my name, and now she probably regrets it. I am pretty sure my 2nd wife will not take it.


Mex said...

im unsure of whether i will change my name. i hate my name but its been with me for so long i dont particularly want to part with it. why should i change it anyway? just so i can become someones chattel? uh no thanks.

Rach said...

unless my husband had a realllly cool name like "Diamondnuts" I'm not that into it. change for the sake of change? all that effort.

I'd rather us BOTH change our name so its an even playing field

Mr and Mrs Magicvag

unique_stephen said...

I've a posh horrible long name.

I wanted to change it to her's

no can do apparently.

Anonymous said...

My hubby changed his surname to mine. It's nice.

Sarah said...

I haven't changed mine because I'm lazy. I don't dislike getting mail to Mrs (Gam's name), but I do dislike getting mail to Mrs (my name), because going from a Ms (my name) to Mrs (my name) sounds kind of incestuous. So I'm still Ms at the moment, thanks!

Rach said...

when people refer to me as "mrs (my name)" i just think - how fucking retarded are you??

I didn't marry myself

Go back to square one retards.

I'm Shella said...

I changed mine, and I'm content about it.
My last name was french with symbols (acute and circumflex) and a pain in the ass crack to explain how to pronounce. I have a simpler name now.
I was ready to let it go. My hubbie's family are great so I was real excited to take on the name.

Plus a relative (of my maiden name) is a local councillor always in the media, so I'm glad to be anonymous now, and not getting 'are you related to xxxx?" (like duh, why would I not be with a rare french surname in a small town??) and then people pretending to be extra nice to me or telling me stories, or telling me how they know her. I don't give a shit.