Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Sunday Night Review

welcome back, tonight on The Sunday Night Review... let us begin with some films of note.


.......................whats the point?

300 (humina humina humina)

It's really really hard for women to find good Porn. 300 could revolutionise that.. cut out a few dozen fight scenes, a bit of a sexy soundtrack and here you have the answer to a nation of sand-vaginas. Say goodbye to the drought, this film is guaranteed to make you guage an interest in necrophila at all those gorgeous headless corpses.

sexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxy times.

Speaking of headless corpses...... whats the deal with mannequins? if a regular plastic bag has a lifespan of 1000 years, surely these plastic abominations will last 10 times longer than that, so what do you think the aliens are going to think when they land here in 20,000 years and find all these mannequins in the emptied cities of the apocalypse???

Yes we're all size 10 with no heads, and rather than working we all stood around in window dispays day in day out....... hardly a realistic representation of society.. where's the fatass who sleeps on the couch all day? hmm better get started on that time capsule so they know what's really going down in the 20th Century.

OK, feel free to change the channel or throw some garbage at the screen. Same time next week. Stay tuned for the commercial break.

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