Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Shit that is right or wrong with the world today

Daniel Johns dating some no name model... so right!!
The Daily Telegraph reports that Sexyman Johns is dating some never heard of before model "Louise Van De Vorst".. about time! All sexy unattainable men should date freakishly attractive models, how else will all the fat ugly fans have something to aspire to?? It's about time he's taken a page out of the Modelisers handbook: ie: How I live everyday, by Leonardo DiCaprio. It's all about Hot Models and Guitar Strings. Good work Johns! Good Work.

The new NKOTB song/filmclip... so not right
Yikes! You'd think being thousandaires, they would be able to afford some wrinkle cream with boswelox... fuckin wrinkly old fuckers. Someone needs to shoot the runner on that filmclip shoot. When Jordon Knight says "rub more vaseline into the lens" you goddam rub more vaseline into the lens... now look what we're stuck with. My 10-year old sexual yearnings for these dudes has dried up. Dried up like a sultana. And nobody likes sultanas.

You Don't Mess with the Zohan.. fucking wrongtown.
Jesus, can someone just fucking shoot Adam Sandler. The days of Billy Madison are long gone, like a sunset in Bermuda. All that remains is unfunny recycled shit, leftovers from Mr Deeds: aka - worst movie ever made. And don't think you're off the hook for trying to be serious in 'Reign Over Me'.. you can't just play The Waterboy in every movie you fuckstick. Die Cunt.

Big Brother 2008.... wrong wrong ricky wrong
*cough cough* RATINGS PLOY. Do you think we are stupid or something?? how laaaame can the weekly tasks get? how much animal abuse can a seeing eye dog take? how many old people can they put in the house? and where are the token homosexuals???!!

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