Sunday, June 22, 2008

Melbourne.. No Exstacy Required

went to Melbourne on the weekend.

found a club called 'Lenny'.... I knew this was gonna be the town for me.

I have lived in Sydney most of my life except for some forgettable periods in QLD and other yawn-tastic places on the Coast... And I really think Sydney needs to be renamed

Cunt Town

There's nothing like visiting another city, to make you realise what a cunt of a town you live in.

Aside from the cliched "excellent shopping", Melbourne was a breathe of fresh air that makes me realise "hey it's not necessary to move overseas to partake in a culturally evolved city"

Yes the Shopping was fantastic
The Buildings are fantastic (I am all about architecture, maybe cos my dad is a builder, but I could stare at some quality brickwork and lattices for hours)
The city was easy to get around
It doesn't take you 2 hours to get from one end of town to the other
Excellent Food, Excellent Clubs..
Basically, I felt like I was in my own version of Bill & Ted on an Excellent Adventure.

The clincher though was this:

So we're at this totally awesome 'hidden' club that we just wandered into, no cover charge. no wank prices. no wankers period. we're sitting up the back of the club on the cool lounges and about 20 people bombard the area, as it turned out it was someones birthday party. Rather than give us filthy looks and snide comments to make us feel as unwanted and uncomfortable as possible to make us leave. (typical Sydney behaviour) They came to talk to us. They didnt know us, but we had real conversations with complete strangers, and you didn't have to be on exstacy to do it.

This would never happen in Sydney. Unless it was 3am and you were pinging off your head and you wanted to mingle with some "randoms" for the novelty factor of talking shit to strangers. Which is why I can not stand going out anywhere in Sydney anymore.

I like friendly people. No I dont need a new best friend, and i'll probably never see you again, but you made the night an incredibly enjoyable one, and hopefully when I move down there i'll bump into you again.

Melbourne Forever
Sydney Never


david santos said...

Nice photo and good post.
Happy week

Zac said...

Melbourne > Sydney
Can't wait to leave..

Sarah said...

Aww nice story. I don't like Sydney but have never been to Melbourne... but I've certainly never met anyone who's been to Melbourne and didn't love it.

KittyMeow said...

Yaaaaaay!!! Come to Melbourne! Its truly a great city isn't it?

I've always been a bit of a transient more so mentally than physically (though I have lived in two countries and 3 states and over 10 homes)...Until I first set foot in Melbourne in 2003 I never ever felt at home anywhere else before.

Come to Melbourne - you won't regret it. Plus its a fraction cheaper than Sydney!

Adam said...

Melbourne forever. Sydney never.

Anonymous said...

Maybe people are like that in Sydney because of you! Leave soon!

kiki said...

Melbourne forever. Sydney never.

i've been to sydney, i've even lived there, it's not just her anon, regardless of whether or not she's a cunt. Sydney people don't care if someone's a cunt or an angel, they're still gonna be a cunt

Rach said...

i'd like to think the Cunt-o-Meter would go into decline if I left town.

kiki said...

what does david santos think?

he's like the blogging equivalent of a footy coach simply saying the same things on every blog.

i can here him now "we're just taking it one week at a time"

blokeman said...

Sydney Sucks, but not sure you would be trading up that far if you went to Melbourne.

I think we are starting to see the decline of a desire for city life.

Come to QLD where Haviana's are upper class footwear and everyone says hello to you, and people you have never met mysteriously know your name.

Sure we have a lot of oldies up here, but I can not see myself moving back to a major city again, lets face it you are only there for the work at the end of the day, things are cheaper in regional places, and you have less need for more than a dog, a boat, a car, fishing rods and friends.

Best move ever!

Rach said...

no offence, but i would sooner die than move to "regional qld".. Blegh

Fuck QLD

I'm Shella said...

Queensland's hot. Yes I agree 'rach', I would fuck QLD! hawhaw