Friday, June 13, 2008

The greatest song of our generation

There are a lot of great songwriters in this world.

John Lennon
Eric Clapton


This morning, possibly the greatest song of a generation came to me whilst I was putting on my eyeshadow. (and when I say generation, I mean the generation of people living in Sydney dealing with rent increases)

You're in for a treat.


When rents are rising,
It’s not surprising,
That Fenwick’s a bitch that’s our property manager... (whispered)

Hardwood floors
And stained glass doors
For that I’d make the switch

But I got a lot of stuff
It looks nice in my place
I really hate moving
Cos I need a lot of spaaaaace.
That’s why I gotta.

Got to get a sunroom,

When we gotta move
Cos I gotta lot a shit
(repeat infinite)

Wow. Is that not the greatest song about the economic climate in Sydney right now?! People tell me I get too excited about things, for that I have to say:


Now I just need to learn to play the guitar.. and find a choir of old geezers with croaky voices to do the chorus reprise.

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