Thursday, June 26, 2008

Fuck this Post (R rated for excessive language)

Fuck that lady in Bondi who grows her hair to look like giant ear flaps? Fucking Weirdo.

Fuck that basket of chihuahua's. Why were there so many chihuahuas in there? and wtf are you doing walking around with them? are you baking them? What the Fuck is up with that?

Fuck 'the swell' in Bondi.. ooh look another set.... when theres a tsunami coming for me, then i might come have a look. Fucking Who Cares??

Fuck moving to Regional Queensland. Fuck That.

Fuck NOBODY jeans, they look like King Gee's and you are charging how much?? $225.. oh yeah thats reasonable. Get Fucked.

Fuck people who ring up and ask "should I get a fringe"??? how the fuck should I know? its your head. Fuck Off.

Fuck Lenny. Thanks for throwing up on the carpet yesterday, then farting all night. Fuck You.

Fuck having a toothache. Fuck this pain.

Fuck being freezing. Fuckin Cold.

Fuck 'Lemsip' for making me throw up. Fucken disgusting.

Fuck White Wine. Chardonnay can go Fuck itself.

Fuck that Kanye West song. Fucken get some new material.

Fuck sitting through 3 hours of Hamlet. Fucking Boring.

Fuck BIC pens that don't work. ever. Fucked Up.

Fuck Will Anderson on 'The Gruen Transfer' that show would be good if it weren't for you. Fuckwit.

Fuck Gloria Jeans. Christian Fuckers.

Fuck This
Fuck Me
Fuck It

I'm getting a guitar for my birthday, stay tuned for some classic folksey music on my debut album: FUCK EVERYTHING


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Fucking hell. That was a lot of fucks.

Mex said...

fuck this blog!

Rach said...

fuck this comment!!

Age said...

Fuck you.

Not really.

Actually, yes... fuck you.

I'm Shella said...

Regional queensland fucking fuck you!