Wednesday, May 07, 2008

There is no bigger idiot than me.. Bavarian Style

I woke up on saturday with the urge to get some sauerkraut into me. So I went to the Lowenbrau at the Rocks and this is how it panned out:

Mark ordered the giant 'pork knuckle' I had no ideas pigs had knuckles, let alone giant tasty knuckles.

I just wanted the lowenbrau hot dog with extra sauerkraut.. I asked the waitress who didn't seem like she liked us very much what the difference between the main size and entree size was, and she told me (in an non-specific foreign accent) that the mains are bigger, and the entrees are smaller.. Thank You Einstein... (fucken idiot)

But who is the Bigger Idiot?

I pointed to what I assumed was the lowenbrau hotdog on the menu, all was well until she brought out my plate of lettuce and ham.

"umm excuse me, but what the fuck is this?? I did not order a plate of lettuce and ham"

she walked back to the kitchen and came back with a menu and still, had the offensive plate of lettuce and ham with her.. she pointed out to me on the menu

"this you ordered this"

it is true. that is what I pointed at... hey in print it kinda sounds like a hotdog..... at any rate I wasn't having it..

"listen... I know thats what I ordered.. but I don't want that, I want a hotdog.. I may have told you disgusting plate of lettuce and ham, but I was clearly thinking Hot Dog"

Sheesh. Can't you read minds?? what kind of crappy bavarian waitress are you?

Anyway, she took it away, and upped the hating of us up a notch. I got my hotdog, and I resolved to never work in the food service industry, lest I have to serve an idiot bigger than myself, cos trust me I would have gone home wearing that plate of lettuce and ham if it was me serving me.


Skinny Girl said...

I've been to that place before and remember the waitress being a bitch to me too.

I think that she brought me the wrong drink and I told her so. I remember wondering at the time if my new drink would have a booger in it.

Sarah said...

Haha ooops. Oh well, at least you gave her a good reason to dislike you so she didn't spend all that time being a cow for nothing...

Cazzie!!! said...

LMAO, at least you weren't trying to speak and order in some foreign language and order a plate of lambs brains with tomatoes instead of prawns with tomatoes..which is what a friend of mine did...omg, that was awful!