Friday, May 02, 2008

monobrow!!.. monobrow!!... monobrow!!... mono.. doh!

I usually reserve my teasing of pre-teens to things like schoolyards and birthday parties. "nice shirt! who brought that for ya?? ya mum!!!!!!" hahahaha.

But what really worries me is this:

Nice monobrow Lourdes.

This is Madonna's child. Madonna the Idol. Madonna the trendsetter. The woman who sees fit to do away with her surname.

Is this the new trend? out of control brows? cos to be honest I would welcome the change. I for one do not like standing in front of the mirror tweezing out stray hairs. It would be much nicer to just blow-dry your eyebrows then be out the door.

Is anyone else doing sporting this look? Is Suri Cruise too young to have a mono? Do they sell mono-mirkins for the eyebrow baldy's??


Skinny Girl said...

One would think that Madge would sort that caterpillar on her daughters forehead out hey?


Miss N said...

It took Madonna years to sort hers out - Let us not for get Maddy was sporting a hefty brow for most of the 80's -

~crazy peanut~ said...

"It would be much nicer to just blow-dry your eyebrows then be out the door."

Best line, ever. Thanks for that, I'll chuckle about that one all day long.

I hope that you have a great weekend. :)

Sarah said...

Funny that Madonna would be conservative enough to stop her kid from waxing her monobrow... on the other hand, maybe she's instilled a positive enough body-image in the kid that she doesn't even think twice about it... I actually think it's a good thing!

Now if only Madonna would stop getting plastic surgery and looking like an alien she might set a good example for 40 year old women as well...

Anonymous said...

*rolls eyes* loser.

its called a unibrow, not monobrow. thats not even a word.

anyways, she is absolutely gorgeous.

Tascha said...

Actually monobrow is a real word and is in the Oxford dictionary *rolls eyes*. Get over it the kid has a mono and needs it waxed. A mono is not attractive and she will probably be teased over it. For the sake of Lourdes Madonna should have it waxed. Even at Lourdes's age I knew a mono was funny ^_^