Sunday, May 25, 2008

I feel old

Last night I went to my last All-Ages gig. I have been to many an All-Ages gig in my life, specially when I was underage, but last night many things occured which makes me think I should change my radio to a 'kickin it to the Oldies' station, and start bringing my own ice-cubes to restaurants.

The gig I went to was starring my most favourite band evah.. The Donnas. I see them everytime they tour australia (which is hardly ever) they just released a sick new album, so I was pretty darn excited (see, I said Darn.. I am old)

I was however less excited when I saw that they were supporting. not headlining. to Kisschasy. Man I hate Kisschasy. I felt robbed. I felt insensed. I felt I needed to pick up the 12 year olds and scream "dont you know who The Donnas are!!!" They didnt know. Nobody did.

The first band that played (the support-support) went off. The crowd loved them. 17 year olds who we saw underage drinking in alleyways were throwing up, falling over, and catching young-people STD's from each other.

I turned to mark and said "pfft could the guitarist be wearing any tighter pants?" and then screamed "get a haircut!" (but in all seriousness. they all needed haircuts. pronto)

I stood at the back. In my cardigan. let me repeat: a cardigan, official clothing of Old Poeple. I didnt want any disgusting sweaty teenagers rubbing against me.

Finally The Donnas were on. And the place emtpied. They fucking rocked. However, being an underage gig, they have the crowd barrier in place which means that the 30 Donnas fans in the venue, were stuck at the back rocking out, and the Donnas didnt get to see that people actually came to only see them. I felt bad for them.

Brett, the lead singer, said they have been a band for the past 15 years and they felt really blessed to be travelling the world doing what they love, and with her best friends. Ahhhn warm fuzzy moment. Ruined by the smartass 14 year old who called out "oooh 42 year old lesbians"

They are my age. Does that make me a 42 year old lesbian?

I hate all-ages gigs. I hate that stupid crowd barrier.. back in my day, there was no barrier. you got your ankles twisted, stomped on, kicked in the face, lungs bursting. But that was part of the fun. All Ages gigs these days are so sanitised.

Ah well. The Donnas rocked, and I know that when I move overseas, and they play regularly, I will be at the front, centre, screaming, and they will be in their rightful place as the headlining act, and there will be no 14 year olds who snigger at my pink cardigan when the show is over.

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