Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Dream Cheat

Reason #1863 to eat a slab of cheese before going to bed:

Hot Celebrity Dream Sex

These are the celebs who I know 'intimately' in totally unrealistic situations, and half the time its not even me in the fantasy.

Fantasy 1: Boring Sex

Jack Burger from 'Sex and the City'..... I think I dreamt we had dinner then did it in the cab... either way, just like his character in SATC, he was kind of annoying and disappointing.

Fantasy 2: Flying Sex

Ahh Superman. Hot Hot Hot. What is hotter than flying around and having sex? I speak from personal experience here. NOTHING is hotter. And its nice that he comes with a blanket (cape) for snuggling in afterwards. Superman is so thoughtful.

Fantasy 3. Goonies Sex

Ooh i'm gonna to go to jail for this one. I would also need a time machine. Luckily I was imaging I was Martha Plimptons character at the time. I always dug the sexual tension between Mouth n Stef, now I know exactly how that pre-teen shagathon would have panned out. Also shagging amongst a backdrop of Pirate Ships and Treasure is hot. Although I could have lived without the pointy rocks sticking in my (martha plimpton's) back.

Fantasy 4: Big Brother Sex

Where have all the hot twins gone?? I never even realised I liked Logan Greg until now. Steamy!!!! ( I would so punch Gianna if she tried to horn in on my twin action)

Fantasy 5: Fat Sex

Ever wanted to know what the sex would be like between Katie Holmes and Philip Seymour Hoffman, look no further! I can tell you right now that it was.... awkward. He was just too keen, however I was Katie Holmes in my dream and she is way out of his league, so that is understandable.

Fantasy 6: Lesbo Sex

I never knew I had secret sex fantasies about taking a lesbian bubble bath with Britney Spears.. I just wish I had shaved my legs first.

I am just crossing my fingers to have that Brokeback Mountain Threesome Dream. I might eat a wheel of camembert before bed tonight.

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