Friday, May 30, 2008

Do you think we are Idiots???!! oooooh SNAP!

well. The 'Sydney Housing Crisis'.. hits home.

4 years ago, when the sydney rental market was shitty (as in shitty for owners and good for renters) Mark & I got a steal. It's no Taj Mahal, but it was a friggen steal. And it became more and more apparent to us how much of a steal it was as the years passed, and rents got higher and higher and less apartments were available in Sydney.

The day we went to look at the apartment, it was advertised at $315 per week. They say its a 2 bedroom, but really, its a one bedroom plus sunroom, let's not go deluding ourselves that its anymore than that.

The Real Estate Agent was really keen to rent it out, and for some bizarre reason, gave it to us for $299 per week? who knows why?? maybe he really liked us? maybe he liked the way I perched on the kitchen benches and stroked his tie when I asked to borrow his pen to fill the form out??

Either way.. the lease was signed at $299, and it stayed that way for about 18 months. Then they put it up to $310. Whatevs. We had a letter earlier this year saying that it was now going up again to $325 per week. I can deal with that. Afterall, in the scheme of things, it's still a steal.

Then last night I get an incredibly rude shock when I open my mail saying that my rent is going up again! to $380 per week. Wow. $70 rent increase in the space of 4 months!??!


Do they think we are idiots who will just pay anything?? its a one-bedroom people! and we are good tenants! Would you rather have some devil worshippers with shitzus who shit all over the carpet?

Well I refuse.

I'd rather move elsewhere on Principle.


Bonnie said...


You can contest the rent increase as excessive to the Residential Tenancies Tribunal. If you only had a rent increase 4 months ago, it does seem a little excessive. I work in the property industry and have seen it done, some landlords are just too greedy, and dont realise that if you move out, they lose rent until someone else moves in and also have to pay advertising fees and letting fees to the agent. Sometimes just the shock of the tenant standing up for themselves is enough for them to negotiate a better deal for you.


Sarah said...

That's pretty dodgy! In the area where we live in Brisbane, rents have doubled since we moved in 5 years ago... 2br places that were renting brand new for $270 pw back then are now going for over $500 pw. It's pretty ridiculous. I would at least try taking it to the RTT like bonnie suggested- they'll probably raise the rent again in 6 months anyway and be really keen to get rid of you, but hey at least you'll have more time to plan your move.

KittyMeow said...

That's insane.
Are you on a leases still?

I dont know if its the same in NSW but in VIC they can put your rent up as often as they want as long as they give you 60 days notice. So theoretically they're allowed to do it every two months. UNLESS you're on a fixed term lease!!!

Also, I would find out how much other similar apartments are going for in your area. If they are significantly less you can say that their increase is beyond what is fair.

IF all else fails, I would move out on principal too.