Monday, May 26, 2008

Bad Luck Shirt

I don't like to think i'm a highly superstitious person (stupid-stitious), but I have what I have been in denial about for over a year, a highly unlucky shirt.

When I was in highschool I had lucky rocks. And whenever I felt their lucky energy had ebbed from it, I would take them to the ocean to recharge them. Me and My "lucky rocks" a topic of laughter and finger-pointing from the nay-sayers who didn't believe in the power of my lucky rocks.

I had massive faith in my lucky rocks, before my year 12 maths exam I didn't feel the need to study, I ate a banana (because I read that banana improves brain power) and I showed up to my exam with my rocks and a calculator. I think I pretty much failed every question, mostly because I doodled "who gives a shit?" on each page, hey, Maths isn't my thing. Why do you think I work in the entertainment industry??

Anyway, my lucky rocks don't play such a pivotal role in my decision making these days, which is not to say I have given up on them completely. I also have a 'lucky stick' that I found on a camping trip in year 10, that lives behind the couch and will live behind the couch for the rest of my life, until such times when I feel that I am passed the age of needing a lucky stick.

I don't really think much about my magic rocks, and magic twigs I have scattered around the house, but one thing that has really been on my mind lately, is my decidedly unlucky, bad-luck Shirt.

The problem with Bad-Luck Shirt, is that its a really cool shirt. Has a drawing by Jean-Michel Basquiat on it. It's awesome. It's also highly unlucky.

Total Number of Jobs that have been affected by Bad-Luck Shirt: 3

Not to mention that general shitty things happen when wearing Bad-Luck Shirt.. iPod batteries go dead on the bus, huge pimple erupts from nowhere, $20 goes missing, fall down the stairs.

I had an inkling that all my problems stem from Bad Luck Shirt, there are just too many coincidences to go past, but something happened on the weekend that cements firmly in my mind that Bad Luck Shirt is to blame for it all.

On Saturday, I had tickets to see The Donnas. I wanted to get there early(ish) so I could get good standing position. The line to get in was about 3 blocks long!!!! so we thoughts we'd wait it out by getting some food, so we went to the Thai restaurant across from the Theatre. I ordered a thai soup.... 45 mins later.. where the fuck is my soup? soup should generally take all of 5 mins. Needless to say an hour went by and I finally had my (disappointing) soup. Walked into the Theatre, and what had I missed!! oh just a Meet & Greet with my fave band of all time.

Gnnnnnnnyarrrrrr!!!!!! Are you kidding me!!! I missed meeting them!!!! I love The Donnas. Kind of bordering on Lesbo-Love, but also they are a sick band, and I just love their music. And I would have loved the opportunity to tell them that. But No. I missed them.

All. Because.Of.Bad.Luck.Shirt.

I need some sort of fashion exorcist. Maybe I should do my old lucky rock trick and wash my shirt in the ocean to get rid of the bad vibes. Either way, until I sort it out with a magic voodoo witchdoctor, I will leave Bad Luck Shirt where it belongs, at the bottom of the drawer, covered with a pillowcase, lest it infects my other shirts, and I have to walk around naked to avoid bad things happening to me for no good reason.

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Anonymous said...

I think you should burn it or bury it in the garden, but if you bury it it could still emit some negative vibes your way just weaker ones, so burn it! bye mr t-shirt.