Friday, April 11, 2008

Yesterdays News

I rarely comment on other bloggers, as blogging is pretty much just verbal diareah in internet form to which I am completely guilty of myself. But Perez Hilton is soooooooo fucking over-rated it makes me want to smash my computer and strangle myself with my mouse cord as to not have to read his stupid shit anymore

(point 1. my mouse is wireless. I was being dramatic. point 2. yeah i know i don't HAVE to read it. but I can't not read it)

Why the fuck is he so popular? why do they fly him out to australia? why does he get to go to some presidential dinner in washington? you know what it is? it's boring old farts thinking that this is a cool way to tap into youth culture, and that we listen to this prick or something?? He doenst do anything except tell us shit we already know, and doodle on peoples photo's. BIG WHOOP.

You know who should be flown all over the world to meet politicians, have a spot on "the view" have their own show and host the MTV awards.

Todd from
  • I Dont Like You In That Way
  • is a fucking comic genius. His website has me in tears almost every day. He is the funniest blogger I have ever read, and should there ever be any blogging awards that I was interested enough in to care about, I would crown him King and Lord Mayor of Blogville.

    Todd has said such hilarities that are so amazing that I have stolen them for my own, and palmed them off as my brain-gems.

    "Pictures of Angelina flying while she was pregnant with Shiloh caused an outrage back in 2006, but whatever. I'm sure this baby is cool with it. It's the being born thing that he needs to worry about. If the first thing my face touched in the world was Angelina Jolie's vagina, it's easy to see how the rest of my life could be disappointing."


    Boo You Perez.

    Up with Todd!
    Down with Perez (the hack)


    Mick said...

    Hear fucking Hear!

    I hate that Perez wanker.

    What's he done for anyone? Nuttin.

    Anonymous said...

    What about Michael K from Dlisted? It's fricking hilarious, and he updates more frequently than IDLYITW. That being said, I love IDLYITW too.

    Rach said...

    Dlisted is fucking great too.
    Anything that makes me laugh snot all over my keyboard is worthwhile.

    Yay Michael
    Yay Todd

    Boo You Perez

    Anonymous said...

    I wouldn't publish his name if I were you. You know the dick googles himself regularly.

    Michael K is where it's at. I have no idea why people still think P is relevant. Especially considering he's being sued by Sony or something so not commenting on a bunch of people signed to them. He's cutting off his nose to spite his face and shit. GHEY!

    Anonymous said...

    now THAT'S some funny shit.

    Rach said...

    the superficial is awesome!!!!!!!

    how have I not come across this before?

    i'm gonna go beat myself with one of those wooden beams with nails in it like that albino from The Da Vinci Code.

    the shame....