Tuesday, April 15, 2008

this one time.. at band camp.. i fucked a tree

yeah.. so this guy apparently cut his leg when he was a teenager, and then a wart grew...and this is what happened:

yeahhhhh.. i'm not saying that i don't believe the whole "wart gets out of control" story, but that is so not the same as my wart. I didn't even bother getting my wart burnt to smithereens because it's such a non-entity... now I am having second thoughts though, as I don't want to end up looking like that. Hell to the motherf*ckin No.

Anyway, the whole 'cut leg/wart' story is just lame. Fess up dude. You're mum got on an out of control all-weekend-bender, woke up in Fangorn Forest and never spoke of the night again.

It's ok, we all know that Treebeard's a total player and that he would have kicked your mum's ass out of bed the moment she woke up. I bet he's late on the child support payments as well.

It's ok. I totally know where this guy hangs out. He's all creepy guarding the tower of some insane "wizard" who dresses all in white and whines about losing his gigantic magic marble all day long. Go whup his ass. The broke-ass tree-genetic-diseased muthaf*#@ker.


Anonymous said...

Oh my, I watched this last night is was gross. If it steams from warts, here is my tip...next time you are in a hostel shower wear thongs, problem solved.

Darryn said...

That picture cannot be real.