Sunday, April 27, 2008

Movies that make you Hmmmmmmm

Welcome for a very special edition of tonight's "Movies that make you go Hmmmm", tonight we will be looking at a particularly convoluted film known as "The Fountain"

After sitting through the first 20 minutes of said film I turned to my comrade on the couch and was like "do you know what the fuck is going on??" and he was like "nup".... but we kept watching anyway, because visually it was quite amazing, ...and the remote control was nowhere within reaching distance...

However.... 90 minutes later we both relinquished in the fact that we were both too stupid to be watching this film.

It's not often that a film will floor you and make you think that perhaps they graduated you from 2nd grade a little prematurely, but this film is certain to do that.

This film scores a perfect 10 on the World Famous "what-the-fuck-o-meter".. it's not often that a film will score such a high rating on this stringent grading system ranging from:

(1 - 3) * I'm pretty sure I missed some pivotal scenes when I went to clean the kitty litter. I am totally lost but fear saying so as to be proven a complete retard
(4 - 6) * I'm sure they're speaking english.. I just don't understand
(7 - 10)* Durrrrrrrr. Movie.. Make.. Brain.... Hurts.. Turn off now.. thank you!

So there you have it.. 'The Fountain'.. not for stupid people.

I continued watching the credits to catch an interview with the main star Hugh Jackman.. (or as I like to call him Huge Ackman).. I see if he could shed some light on the film and he had these words of wisdom

"it's a visually spectacular film, and I got to shave my head! everyone should shave their head once, then take that first showers.. it's totally worth it" - Hugh

Perhaps if I too shave my head things will become clear???


Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Thanks for the heads up on that film.

Have you seen 12 monkeys? I felt like that after that film, although it was a tad worse as I was the only one in the room who didnt get it.


KittyMeow said...

I think The Fountain is one of those films that tries to be deep but doesn't really get there.

As for 12 Monkeys - Fuck I love that film - it's one of my favourites.

But if you want to watch something that will do your head in even more so than The Fountain does I suggest a little Scandanavian flick called The Bothersome Man. Me, being one for trippy, mind fuck movies usually devours such weirdnesses with glee - but this one truly left me with a very very strong case of "WTF?????" It truly does not make a skerrick of sense. I was straight at the time but I'm sure being under the influence of any mind-bending drugs will truly render your brain inoperable. Hehee watch it -just for a little fun. Oh and it works even better on men. Heheh

Ribs said...

rach rach rach......The Fountain was an awesome awesome movie. I seemed to understand it better once i turned on the subtitles. It actually nakes more sense that way. TRUST.

and speaking of wtf movies..anything by David lynch. I remember watching "lost highway" when i was 16 and being in a state of traumatized shock for a week afterwards. Mum thought i was undergoing depression and wanted to take me to the doctor but that movie was so sick and twisted and MADE NO SENSE it made my head hurt. Thats was my first introduction to WTF films.

Jo Hamilton said...

Watch a movie called 'Nowhere'.

Like the name hints, it doesn't really go anywhere . . . apart from into your annoyance psyche and into the elvish lands of 'I want those two hours back'.

brunette said...

I felt like this after David Lynch's 'Mulholland Drive'. I even watched it again just in case I was half asleep the first time or something. It was a little better the 2nd time around but still, a large quota of WTF'ness still existed.


patrick said...

The Fountain was pretty good if somewhat trippy, an interesting blend of religious/cultural/scientific ideals to say the least