Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I'm Buying a Car

Gotta Love Complaint Forms:

Dear Sydney Buses,

This is just to generally say that Sydney Buses are so completely USELESS that I am going to buy a car. I wil buy the cheapest and most death-trap car I can find, one that runs on the most expensive petrol and emits a carbon dioxide cloud to kill at least 10 people.

What is the point of the government and environmentalists wankers harping on about how terrible cars are if the alternative is to to get a piggy back ride from a court jester with varying syndomes and severe degrees of retardation.. to which I refer to a BUS.

I have to catch the bus to work every morning, and since the beginning of the year. The bus has been late 70 times. Thats every day for 14 weeks so far.

Good Work. Sydney Buses. Good Work.

I arrive at my stop to catch the 8.20 bus, this however is never an option as the 8.20 bus leaves about 5 mins early. this eager attitude i'm sure comes in handy in other situations, but its pretty pointless for me seen as how the bus I am supposed to catch leaves too early for me to catch it.

My next option is to catch the 8.30 bus. This bus never comes. Again, excellent work Sydney Buses.

The 8.40 bus is therefore the bus I am forced to catch, so that is 20 mins of waiting around because 2 buses couldnt work their shit out and do their job properly.

The 8.40 bus is a prime example of idiocrisy at its best. I sometimes have to wonder if its not just an escaped panda in a bus driver vest taking me on my weekly sojourn.

Today the busdriver refused to leave Bondi Junction Interchange because he wanted to argue with a school kid about his shoes. There is a time and a place to abuse your authority, but when 60 other people did wear the right shoes and need to get to work on time, maybe just suck it up and move on. Teenagers are jerks, we all know this. You arent proving you are a hero by stopping the bus and refusing to move until he puts his shoes on. He has parents. Let them deal with his behavioural issues.

Yeah, so thats why i'm buying a car. I will contribute 15 million tonnes of crap to the widenning carbon footprint. Goodbye future trees of tomorrow, Hello Smog Cloud.

I would rather be part of a total destruction of the eco-system than waste one more day sitting on the worlds biggest joke of a public transport system.

Yours Never.



Anonymous said...

What bus number...if it is the 200 I know exactely how you feel. I was late to work everyday for 1 year.

Rach said...

ahh the 200, another fine example of PT ineptitude.

the farce i refer to however is the 333. equally late. equally frustrating.