Friday, April 18, 2008

I hate those people... exactly like me

Yeah, so... Ugg Boots. Most people would say the Ugg is for use in an interior sense. As in inside your own home. Never to be seen in public. And I tend to agree. Yet every morning when i'm getting ready, I have the Ugg's on and will be 5 mins from leaving the house and I will catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and be like "hot damn, they look pretty smokin with this outfit!" then I will do a house-vote (consisting of mark, and the cat) about wheather or not I should take the big leap into wearing what are essentially giant slippers outside.

I wouldn't go outside in my pyjamas, I wouldn't go outside in my dressing gown, so it should really be a no-brainer when it comes to wearing your ugg-boots outside.

The answer is a firm "yeah you look hot, but if you so much as step foot outside the house with those things on your feet. DIVORCE"

fair enough.. but they are so warm and cosy!!!!! bunch of haters. FUCK YOU! i'm warm! what should I care what people think.

But I do care. Because whenever I see someone else in the street wearing the uggs the first thought through my head is "whooo let the bogans out?? who? who? who? who?"

What kind of Hypocrite would I be to wear them myself and sing Baha Men whenever the sight of others crossed my eyes?

Goddam Pamela Anderson.

this is the wrong way to wear ugg-boots, and you're setting a bad example for retards with no fashion sense to begin with. Is she kidding me? in a bikini? at the beach? yeah she's pretty smokin. But ugg boots weren't meant for this. If you can wear a bikini, you don't need to be wearing ugg boots. Last time I went to Bondi Beach I didn't see any sheep riding the waves.

My awkward situation being, that a) its cold and I want to wear them to work. but b) I cant be seen in public in them. so the solution?

TWO pairs of ugg-boots

Dig my "work pair"

Now I can be warm and toasty alllll day long.. Whilst some might argue that two pairs of ugg-boots is one too many, I say, you're an idiot. (And my tights are pretty cool too.)

All I need to do is solve the problem of 'what to wear in-between home and work'... fur-lined sneakers must be on the horizon?? come on some smart scientist shoe-guy.

What do we want? Furry Shoes!!!!
When do we want it? Now!!!!


Jo Hamilton said...

"One ugg is never enough."
Plato 435BC

Skinny Girl said...

When I first got to Aus, I wore my Ugg boots to work. *awkward silence*

You can imagine how that went down. Like a cup of hot sick.

I still haven't lived that one down and I don't even work there any more.

*hangs head in shame*

In the Uk, people wear them out and about. I stupidly presumed that the same rule applied here.

Apparently not.

Skinny Girl said...

ps I added you to my blog roll, hope you dont mind me blog stalking your funny as fuck ass.

Wee-H said...

People in the Uk are obsessed with them. I have mine as slipper. Lovely :)

P.s I was under the impression that Uggs were fisrt adopted by surfers in perth, which is how they became mainstreamed.

Rach said...

I live for Blogrolls.

hmm maybe I should move to the UK then.. then I could surely find a pair of "tube uggs" to go with my house-uggs and work-uggs.

hmm I too would like to know how Uggs became cool. I blame Kate Moss. I blame Kate Moss for many things.

Wee-H said...

Hopefully you wont want to own a pair of these...

urgh! a cross between the two crazes of Uggs and Crocs

Rach said...



my most hated of all shoes "crocs" and UGGS!

oh the humanity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my eyes. my eyes.

Sarah said...

I love ugg boots, and frankly I couldn't care less how they look... but I get the DIVORCE threat too, even though I don't do the straw poll before leaving the house!

I saw a japanese girl at the sushi restaurant we went to last night wearing leopard print ugg boots and bright blue tights, which was... different. I couldn't have pulled it off, but I wish I could... it's the leopard print thing I just could never bring myself to do.

I LOVE your tights and uggs in that photo though... I'm a big fan of 'out there' tights and socks.