Sunday, March 09, 2008


One of the gifts we received for our wedding was a $300 voucher for "Rae's on Wategos" (some exxy prestigious restaurant in Byron). Entree's were $32 each, and Mains $45.. we got a $60 bottle of red, and some $20 cocktails.. now where do I start that Rae's is.................shit.

Two Words: Pina Colada. If you can't get that right, then get the fuck out of the restauranting business. Pina Colada's aren't just Pineapple Juice and Rum.. Strike 1.

Let alone the fact that all the dishes were put together by some wank chef who thinks if he's charging $45 for a main, then people will eat anything. Newsflash: I won't eat duck's legs no matter how much you garnish it with red curry powder. Nor will I eat a pigs stomach. WTF? Strike 2.

And finally, Rae's is probably so exxy and wankery because it's on a beach, and we all know that Beach = Great.. so Mark and I are practising our posing for our couple photo that the waitress said she would take, and she takes the camera, goes outside, and takes the photo of us inside the restaurant with the fugly wall and waiter and other patrons behind us.. what was the point of that? I came here for the view of a beach at sunset, not some stupid wall. Strike 3.

Overall. Rae's is Over-Rae-Ted. I would never go back, even if I did have a $300 voucher, actually if I did have another voucher I would go back, order a pigs stomach and then walk it down to the beach and chuck it in the ocean.

(FYI - that bottle of FIJI water that usually goes for about $1.95 at IGA was $10.. that's right. $10.. for water.. oh my god, I think Rae's just started to suck just a little bit more)


Sarah said...

Holy shit, that's pretty poor. As for the water, you'd think at least they could go to the trouble of finding a brand you'd never heard of so you could at least pretend that you weren't getting raped for ten times its value...

Anonymous said...

UNFUCKING BELIEVABLE!!!! That is so WRONG, wot a rip off, for $300 bucks you would expect an amazing experience for #$300.00. WTF.

RAES @ WATEGOS, should be noted to SMH, bad dining experiences.

Great pressi, good thought.

Anonymous said...

I hate restaurants that are so wanky that they dont have to try hard..... as for the pina colada.... that would have upset me too.... shit, pina coladas are the fucking bomb!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Ewww!!! How fucked up!