Monday, March 17, 2008

Maths.. who needs it

I often tend to lez out over the ladies. My number one crush is Adrianne Curry. Shut Up. I like her, I think she's funny and we would have a great time together in a spa bath chain smoking, listening to NIN, and being all suggestive and doing Peter Brady's head in.

Which is why I really have to start some sort of petition to stop hot chicks from doing math.

Rememeber Winnie Cooper?

yeah not sooo hot back in the day, but holy flaming hell. She aint such a dweeb now.

Hoo-Rah.... holy hell lady, you got the fine hawtness happening!!! You know what is disappointing though, she decided to stay home and do MATHS and write quantum maths physics papers rather than strut around half naked in peepshow magazines for our pleasure.

I know right!

What gives with that??

What a waste.... damn you X=Yx 3 Pi.
(i'm not suggesting that women shouldnt be both hot and smart - Girl Power, Spice Girls n all that - but if you are going to put doing maths as a priority over posing half naked and embracing your hotness... well I can't get on board with that)

Winnie Forevs!!!!!!


D'Jen said...

My Fair Brady has spoilt Adrianne for me, I liked her on ANTM and The Surreal Life but she's such a drama queen in MFB.

On the other hand, hellllloooooooo Winne!!

Sarah said...

What happened to her calves? They're thinner than her arms!!!

And Adrienne Curry has recently had breast implants... boo. But if you're interested, she had a girl-girl themed pictorial in Playboy a couple of issues ago...