Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Long Weekends..... the nectar of the gods

Long weekends are the bomb. how much better is life when you only have 4 days to work? Ace. It's Ace. That's my official stance on the notion: Ace.

How does one pass 4 excellent days of nothing spread out in front of you?

Day 1. Writing Music. Have you heard my recent debut single? Hard Yakka the commerical remix. Wow. Its probably the best hardcore trance remix of the Hard Yakka commercial ever. I challenge anyone to do a better remix. I award myself 10 points and an ARIA award for this. Category: most pointless release of the year.

Day 2. Livin it Large with the Fams... Fams are weird.. sorry I dont want your hideous candle, I tried to be suave at the wedding by throwing it out the window, but you somehow had the wits to find it and try and palm it off on me again. No I still dont want it. It's nothing to cry about, we just have different opinions on candles. And whilst we're at it, try to be less sauced so that when you give us our bag of eggs we dont get a peepshow of your knickers when your pants fall down. Good Times. Good Times.. it's almost worth the drive out to Farawayland for the memories.

Day 3. Watching The Lord of The Rings Trilogy. Ever notice how that Lambas Bread the elves gave Frodo and Sam seem to make them very paranoid and red-eyed?? yeah magic elf bread.."hash bread" more like... "yeah use this cape it'll make you invisible".... whatever you crazy stoner elves.

Day 4. Birthday Frivolity in Woolloomooloo, I will not pay $18 for a salad. but I will pay $5 for a Harrys Cafe De Wheels Pie. Money well spent.

ahhhh long weekends... why do you tempt me so??

Jesus 4evs.

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surfercam said...

Umm.... I'd like some of that magic elf bread....