Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Great Bagel Siege

When I have something on my mind, I find it hard to concentrate on other things. Including but not limited to, an armed robbery and a hostage situation.

Yesterday I reallllly had a hankering for bagels. Bagels and cream cheese and smoked salmon. Yeahhhh baby, that's what i'm talking about! I left my place of work and sauntered to downtown Bondi Beach on my bagel mission.

Alas... no bagels in my first attempts. There were however many many police on the streets. Whilst seeing practically the whole policeforce on the street might stop a better person to question what is going on, not me! I wanted bagels!

Seriously, I think every policeman in Sydney was down here. There were Policemen at the Bank, Policemen on the Roof, Sniper-Policemen with Rifles, Policeman in Balaclavas... but not one place I went into sold Bagels.

Unfortunately I can't really elaborate on why the place was swarming with police, word on the street was that there was an armed robbery at the Commonwealth Bank, and that the robber had taken someone hostage in an apartment. I walked past that apartment about 3 times in my trips between IGA supermarkets. Hostage Shmoshtage, unless you're holding the bagel-maker hostage I really had no time for this breaking news story.

Alas, I read this morning that noone was seriously injured, and in further news I did not find one bagel in all of Bondi Beach, and had to settle for a seriously sub-par vienna roll....... stinks.


ms crankypants said...

What, surrounded by men in uniform and not a bagel to be found? Whoever said we can have it all needs to be force-fed vienna rolls until crumbs spill out their nostrils.

Anonymous said...

I reading this as I was snacking on a poppy seed and onion toasted bagel.

redcap said...

Here was I thinking that Shitney was so cosmopolitan that it rained tagine and you could buy preserved lemons and ikan bilis at service stations, but you're telling me there were no bagels in Bondi? Outrageous!

Jo Hamilton said...

With all those cops around, perhaps you should have been looking for donuts.