Thursday, March 06, 2008

F*cken Hippies

hmmm, one thing I didnt think of when I was booking my rancho-relaxo honeymmoon in the hills of Byron is that I really cant stand hippies. Yet here I find myself in the most hippy infested city in the world.

Note: soap and deoderant aren't the works of the devil.

I was gonna go see the Byron film festival, but couldnt handle sitting in the dark next to so many smelly hippies, so we rented Pootie Tang instead.

How good are hills? I would totally give our neighbours $50 for an hour on their land to run around naked and play with their animals (in a non-beastiality way)

Note: no-one is impressed by you hippies and your bongo's and twirly ribbon things. Get a job and do some laundry.

Went to Nimbin (more hippies) couldnt walk 15 meters without somebody offereing us a bag of weed or some cookies.... and whilst I cant stand hippies, I did partake in the buying of said drugs from the locals (support local business and all that). So we'll see what happens there.

Byron is cool. Very Inspiring. I plan on writing the following book when I return:

ACT I: Who is Herb Pubesman
ACT II: Being Herb Pubesman
ACT III: Killing Herb Pubesman.



Anonymous said...

hmmm the only austrailian i know lives in byron bay but he is very cute and showers and well is an australian surfer that has sex with me when he is in town so i really have no problem with them

Unc said...

I lived in Nimbin for some time years ago...and was a hippy I suppose...but I did wash...

Hey...don't I remember visiting a little girl living with her mum in the Hills behind Byron...Possum Shute was it not.??

Unc...ex long haired galoot

Jo said...

I went to Nimbin when the Mardi Grass festival was on. Surreal day. Bong throwing competitions, speed roll and 'adverse conditions roll" competitions... mental.