Tuesday, March 11, 2008

All Growed Up

There are pivotal moments in one's life when you are offically, all growed up. Perhaps getting married, Perhaps having a baby, for me however, the crux of being a grown up falls into two categories:

Home Phone: The 'landline', only grown up people have home phones, granted I have had the actual line in place for about 6 months, but couldn't be bothered buying a phone to get use of it, thanks to our wedding money we now have a shiny red phone that can put me in contact with people all over the world. I can't wait for it to ring. Unfortunately noone knows my phone number, so the dream of answering a call could be a long-term dream.

Joint Bank Account: yeah, this is what being married is all about, a joint bank account. Now we know what each person is buying at all times, but there goes the surprise as well, as you can't really go out and sneakily buy a present for the other person if they are looking at the same bank statement as you.

So that's me, i'm gonna celebrate my grown-upness by making prank phone calls, specially to my bank.

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